British Pakistani woman seeking cash rich investor who wants to set up base in London

I want to set up a business but lack the money. So if you are a mature cash rich investor or businessman and you are looking to set up a base in London maybe we can help each other.

Some brief details about me

Address – London, UK
Ethnicity – British Pakistani woman
Citizenship – UK born and UK passport
Education – Bachelors degree (UK university)
Driving licence – UK driving licence
Marital Status – Single, never married, no children.
Languages – Native fluent English. Get by in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi
Skills- Can use computer, email, Office suite, general office work.
Past experience - Internet sales, business retail
Personal attributes - reliable, focused, ambitious, trustworthy, intelligent, keen to learn new things.

I am free to fulfill any of the following roles:

Personal assistant to run your home or office
A business partner to help you set up a base in London
Business partner and marriage combined relationship

Please email if you think we can work together and include your details as I did above.
Thank you.