Interior Decoration Services


We are Doing All Kinds of Construction & Maintenance Works, Interior Decorations, Demolishing Works, Renovation Works, Cleaning Works, Paintings, and Repairing Works for (Internal & External) Apartments, Shops, Warehouses, Villas, FFlats Companies & Offices, Hospitals, Hotel.
We have Professional Workers, and Well Skilled Manpower, and its unbeatable record of flawless service quality and customer satisfaction. We are providing good services in the Maintenance Works, Repairing Works & Contracting Works.

Cleaning of new buildings on completion of Projects, general cleaning of flats, villas, offices, showrooms, etc. Our professional and fully insured cleaning services are carried out by our reliable and experienced cleaners, who allow you to maximize your relaxation time free from domestic household chores. Whether it is the windows of your building or large glass structures within the premises, your guests will form an opinion of your business by the cleanliness of them.

Maintenance products are available to help you preserve that freshly restored floor or counter. We carry many excellent cleaners, polish/waxes, and Protestants that will aid you in your cleaning needs.

Our Services

 General cleaning services.
 Floor polishing.
 Floor buffing & cleaning.
 Sofa shampooing.
 Furniture cleaning.
 Exterior glass cleaning with the cradle.
 Exterior cladding cleaning with a cradle.
 Swimming pool cleaning.
 Toilet wall cleaning.
 Pest control service.
 Villa - yearly, monthly, weekly cleaning contracts.
 Office - yearly, monthly, weekly cleaning contracts.
 Building - yearly, monthly weekly cleaning contracts.
 Commercial & offices, school, hospital cleaning services.
 Restaurant & event hall cleaning services.
 Office boy & office lady's services.
 Party lady’s server.
 Real estate services.
 Building maintenance.
 Marble tiles or floor grinding & polishing.
 Waterproofing.
 Tiles fixing.
 Building painting.
 4 steps of marble floor restoration.
 Any kind of construction & contracting work.

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Riffa, Kingdom of Bahrain