Nappets carry a wide selection of the best dog dental chews, sticks and treats from top brands like Pedigree, Pet n Care for dogs oral care.

Dog dental chews can provide your dog smile and healthy breath. These chews are from top pet food brands and help keep your pup’s breath fresh, keep gum healthy and reduce plaque and any tartar that builds up.

Our products include Milky Chew Bone Dog Treat – 15 Pieces (INR 290.0), Pedigree Dentastix Small Breed Dog Oral Care 440 gm Monthly Pack (28 Sticks) (INR 303.57), Pedigree Dentastix Medium 7 Sticks Weekly Pack (INR 138.39), Pet en Care Liver Stix 80 gms (Pack of 4x80g) (INR 232.14), Healthy Rawhide Bones Chews large dog treats ( 6 Inch x 4 Pieces ) (INR 160.71), Pet en Care Dog Chew Knotted Bone 6 Inch (INR 89.29), Pet en Care Dog Chew Munchy Bone Natural 3 Inch (INR 71.43). There are more products. Nappets offers Best nutrition that you can provide to your dog. We offer products of premium brands. You can buy Nap Pet India Puppy Dog Munchies Natural Veg Flavour stick Treats, Buy now DOGS A4P MUNCHY STIX NATURAL 450 GM, Dogsee Chew Bars – 100 gm, Dogsee Chew Puffies – 70 gm, Dogsee Chew Nuggets – 80 gm. Get discounts online. These fruits and vegetable treats are healthy fruits and vegetable treats is a good nutrietns for your pets. Too much of any treat regardless of its health benefits can cause stomach problem. You must take advice of a vet for the right amount to be given to your pet. Adding new food to your pet diet can be help your pet diet balance.

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