31 - Looking For Bride for Our Son-HYDERABAD, TELANGANA

As salamu aleikum

We are looking for bride for our Son.

Groom Details :

Working in India -hyderabad at IKEA Ind Pvt Ltd.

Qualification : M.B.A

Age : 31

Complexion :Fair

Height: 5'8"

Elder Brother's (2) - Married

NOTE : Complete bio-data & picture wil be shared if Interested.

Bride basic Requirements :

Age: 23-27

Height 5'5-5'7

Qualification : graduate

Religion : Sunni Muslim

Originality : Hyderabadi - Indian

Belonging to a decent family, respects elders, soft nature, gets mixed up with everyone easily.


Most importantly fears Allah & offers prayer 5 times .

*NOTE* : we r against shirk & Biddah. Agents, Fake id's, Time wasters - wil not be incouraged .

E-mail: [email protected]