Dear All ,AOA

I'm 41 yrs old working professional as a supply chain manager in Saudi Arab for last 7 years Alhamdulillah, I'm looking for the second marriage and preferable age to be between 25 to 35,Widow or divorced with any nationality (can see the possibility for other ages too ).

Alhamdullilah I'm financially sound and could afford the second wife having apartment and new vehicle, with all the independent rights, Also having UAE visa and frequent visitor to Dubai to look after my transportation business.

Actually, Alhamdulillah, honestly I planned for 2nd marriage not only that I’m financially and physically fit, but looking to the challenges these days in the Muslim community.. if I can be the reason for someone.. needed the support to be stable in their lives...
And … I'm alhamdulillah very much happy/satisfied with my existing family life and wife.

Please share your details as well if interested.

Best Regards
Muhammad Haris