Dear parents,

*' The best among you is he who learns Holy Quran and teaches the other. '*

Alhumdulillah, in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, we provide highly qualified and professional Quran tutor with the experience of 18 years.
Our aim is the above saying of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) & the aim is to provide the facilities of Quran learning at the best level.
Our lessons include the following steps:

*1.)* Recitation of The Quran Fluently And Eloquently with proper Tajweed’s rules(Qiraat, Tarteel)
*2.)* Makharijul Huroof (Articulation points)
*3.)* TAJWEED (Ghunnah, Mudood, Qalqalah, etc)
*4.)* Learn the rules to read the Quran relating to pronunciation, articulation, qualities of letters and more
*5.)* Application of rules through numerous examples
*6.)* Learn Islamic Knowledge
*7.)* Memorise the Dua's

If you want to give your children the gift of correct pronunciation and beautiful recitation of Holy Quran, Kindly do contact us. The contact details are as follow:

054 796 2071