Workshop schedule in your location:
28th & 29 Sep 2019 @ Delhi.
21st & 22 Sep 2019 @ Mumbai.
12th & 13 Oct’19 at Bangalore
19th & 20 October at Pune
Certification Process:
1. Our certification process starts with a 2-day workshop(9 AM-6PM). A hard copy of the courseware will also be given to you during the workshop.
2. After the workshop, you need to select a module and complete project on the selected module.
3. Time allotted to complete the project will be 45-60 Days.
4. Our post-assessment team will be guiding you with sample projects during the project period. Also, you can exchange your queries with our support team.
5. Once the project is submitted, it will be sent to Carlton Advanced Management Institute(CAMI) for evaluation.
6. Depending upon your performance in the project, you will be getting certification from CAMI based on Merit.
7. All our programs will be scheduled for weekends only.
8. You will be given a certificate from CAMI as “Certified Compensation & Benefits Manager”.

for momre details please drop and email or call 9010714682 [email protected]