30 - Seeking for Religious & Educated Groom

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmat Ullahi Wa Barakatahu.

We are seeking a groom from (Religious & Decent Educated Hyderabadi family for my Daughter as 2nd marriage Qula taken)

Below are details of my Daughter.
B.Com discontinued
5'4" height
Excellent in cooking and household
Islamic (Namazi, Hijabi)
Good looking

We are looking for First or Second marriage grooms without any responsibility, age below 38 years from HYDERABAD INDIA.
Groom should be Islamic, Namazi, Graduate, Responsible Well settled in India or middle east (without any previous Responsibility)

If interested, please forward the bio data and pics of groom on WhatsApp.: 00966-562489124

Further details of the girl (with pics) can be shared upon receiving the bio data (with pics) of the groom Insha'Allah.

Note: Dargah followers and Dowry seekers please stay away, simple nikah preferred.

May Almighty help us to find right match for our children’s Aameen.


In Riyadh Contact: 00966-562489124
WhatsApp Contact: 00966-562489124