Dear Gents,

This Ad is only for Guys / Men, sorry ladies we need to follow the rules. Any Expats or even local Men in Riyadh who are passionate about cooking are welcome regardless of their nationalities and skills. There's no group has been formed yet , so anyone who knows an existing group related to cooking please let us know so we can join.The main purpose to form a group are the following:

1. Sharing of Cooking Skills, techniques, etc.
2. You will learn recipes with people from different nationalities and cultures.
3. Whatever you'll learned you can make it as a hobby or use the ideas if you are planning to venture in food business in the future.
4. An opportunity to improve your cooking ability without spending money in enrolling / attending to any cooking class.
5. More to mention..

Anyone can host if he's willing for the actual cooking.

We can communicate via email, whatsapp, or a meetup in the weekend if possible and anyone are free.

Please don't hesitate to send email if you are interested or have something to suggest.

Thank you.