How to Setup Echo Dot With Alexa App

Setup Echo Dot is mandatory to start working with Alexa App. Sometimes, the setup procedure is easy/understandable but sometimes its hard to perform with instructions. You can do some basic steps to start its process such as:

1. Download the Alexa App from official sites and then install and sign-in into official websites to create your account.

2. Power cable should be plugged-in. make sure positioning of your device is nearby.

3. During Setup please make sure your choice over which type of device you want to connect with Alexa app.

4. Connect your device to Alexa App with the help of Wi-Fi connection.

5. You've completed the device setup with device, Now what's next?
"Wake Word" Alexa ! Play Music
and many more voice-command queries Start With Alexa...

Is this not enough for you to Prepare Setup Alexa App then grab more information related Alexa Setup: