Roku Support Troubleshooting - +1-866-211-4447

If you are unable to use your Roku remote, you can follow these points to resolve the issue:
Ensure that you are pointing the Roku remote at the correct edge.
Check the beneficiary and ensure there are no hard objects before the recipient.
In the event that your Roku beneficiary isn't responding to any remote capacity, unplug the recipient from power for 30 seconds. Interface it again and check whether the remote is working at this point.
Check the batteries in your remote and ensure that they are not released. In the event that your collector is reacting gradually according to remote order, change the batteries.
See the remote and ensure there is unmistakable physical harm on the remote.
Ensure you have associated your Roku gadget with a 5 GHZ remote system.
On the off chance that your Roku remote is getting warmed during constant use, replace it with another one.
In the event that your issue is as yet not settled, you can request customized help from Roku support number.

If you are facing more type of Roku troubleshooting so contact our toll-free number and get the right solution by our experts.