USD 1000 / Handwritten Data Entry Services

Businesses today are aiming at going paperless in order to make operations faster, minimize the cost and utilize human resources in a smarter manner. However, papers and manuscripts have still not gone obsolete and executives want it or not, they need to handle handwritten data more often than not. Our handwritten data entry services are aimed at taking away the burdens of converting this kind of data into digital data. We can perform the ho-hum job of handwritten data conversion, relieving you and your executives from the worries and weariness and letting you give attention to whatever means real business and core competency for you.
Services we offer
• Taxation data entry
• Paper clip, memo and work order data entry
• Voucher and questionnaire data entry
• Letter, claim form and index card data entry
• Research stats data entry
• Medical report and prescription data entry
• CV data entry

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