ASME SECTION-IX classes - International Welding Standard and code training

If you have Passed AWS or CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector exam and still failing in interviews WITH ARAMCO AND NON ARAMCO due to little/no experience and No knowledge of CODE/Standard.

Contact me for getting detailed Understanding of WELDING International Standard and Code
Essential Variable, Non Essential Variables, Supplementary Essential Variables
WQT limitations
Relationship between PQR, WPS, WQT
Pass the Interview questions easily
Fees: 1000 SR
Classes will be for 10 days.
3 Hrs daily.
Location Al Jubail city

Guaranteed Grip on full code after getting these ASME SECTION-IX classes

write your “name and interested in ASME IX training” to Whatsapp-
0571884471 - Whatsapp
I will contact you.
[email protected]
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