AsSalaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

(I believe that everyone should have a Safe, Comfortable place to Live -Called Home)

Dear All,

I am writing this few lines on behalf of the orphans and impoverished children, women,elders who can’t speak for themselves, don’t have shelter and they need a Home.
Personally I am involved privately in helping and supporting the orphans cause, but this is not enough, as I would like to bring into existence a proper HOME by the substantial support of kind citizens, organizations who would want to help the needy to have a proper decent upbringing, as we all know that how hard it is to survive on your own, it doesn’t matter the geographical location.
The HOME not only will provide shelter to unfortunate children, girls, women etc. but also education, plus working in developing the vocational skills too, so they can stand on their feet as an honorable adult and give back to society a skilled individual.
In order to run the facility would require your financial support e.g. Donations, Zakat, donate a Building location in Islamabad or nearby, every single small or large contribution will make a difference and hope to get support from kind donors like yourself. The project for the facility it’s for a long term, with a bright future and we all need to contribute and support to keep helping these unprivileged children, women etc. with food, clothes, education etc.
We hope that you will give your consideration to this appeal of ours and you will extend your generous help to this great social cause.

Thank you and Hoping for your support.

Whoever wish to support please reply to the email provided and I will revert back to you for the introduction of the project. Yes, its understandable that you many have concerns and reservations; many may have doubts for the funds to go in correct spent project, but to be clear for further discussion or any query you may have please reach out via email.

Thank you and we Hope for your kind support.