Looking for Bride holding PR and/or Foreign nationalities specially MUSLIMS - Indian (Canada, Australia, New Zealand & USA)
Age: 25 - 30 years old
Education: MS, BDS, MBBS and/or Master's
Sunni Family

Aiyaz Mahmood Khan
MS from New Zealand (Production and Project Management at UCOL)
Applied for PR. (Waiting for approval from Immigration office of NZ)

Younger Brother: Myself Nawaz Mahmood Khan, B.COM - SAP Certified (Married to Doctor) and settled in AL KHOBAR with Family
Father: Mansoor Ahmed, BA - Businessman
Mother: Late Nafees Khanam
2nd Mother: Saheda Begum
India, Warangal

We don't have any responsibilities, we are calm family with respectable educated.
We don't interfere in other life's and we support each other/ love as well because we are 2 brother only
We will do Nikah in Hyderabad/Telangana State as per Islamic norms, but presents of both parties parents.

NO Shirk, No Bidah, No Darga etc, (Pls. be far away)
Contact me on whatsapp only. 00966568992370
No second Marriage, No agent and Aged Girls.
More Details will be provided on Whatsapp only.