webdesigner- freelance. opporutnity potential . not paid.

Contact by whatsup. Then
Must meet in person.
Must have ability to do coding here.
Need assistance in website development.
PHP programming.
Need customization of a template. Takes time.
Asking you to do one piece.
Per performance, personality, and efficiency in getting things done, you can be paid webmaster
per website revenue.
Will be asked to edit one profile on a website in development or make one drop down menu.
Must live near locations listed in order to meet primary representative. This is not for you to ask many questions. We are asking you directly. What can you do. Show it. Then proceed with further arrangement. Looking for vision minded people ; if you expect big money. do not reply. If you understand about opportunity and potential; then apply. If you think only now benefit which is very small minded; don't reply.