Stickit Film LED media displays

In the booming glass LED screen industry, the transparency is the most important factor for windows, this is why most of manufacturers try to make the highest transparency, The Stickit invisible PCB technology not only expand the transparency rate up to 95% but also can be made for any custom projects with soft PCB technology, you can also cut the size of film as you wanted easily

The invisible PCB means the PCB board is also transparent, it is hard to find wires in the PCB even if you get closer and check it carefully, the traditional PCB of glass LED screen can not made like this. This is why when the film LED screen is off, you cannot see anything on the window glass. The transparency is 95% or more. The invisible PCB is also soft and 1.2mm thickness,you can make any shapes and size with any limitation, and applied most of your projects.
the thickness: is only 1.2mm, Each 500*500mm Weighs 0.3kgs, the lightest LED display in the world.

95% Transparency: Cutting-edge invisible PCB technology, Clear film screen, say goodbye to wires in PCB. The best solution for glass.

Anti-UV: Strong anti-UV material 5 years without color changes

Creative design: Soft material for any creative installation, like curve, round shapes.

Easy Installation: Paste on glass directly without any installation frame, and never break the original design on site.

Size: You can cut the size of film for your projects on site, no need custom made size.
New York, Electronics, Stickit Film LED media displaysNew York, Electronics, Stickit Film LED media displaysNew York, Electronics, Stickit Film LED media displays