Hi, there! I am looking for a female flatmate in Seef, Manama.

-I plan to move-in by Dec or early Jan

-BHD 70 inclusive of EWA (can adjust budget depending on apartment location, size or how furnished the place is)

-Anywhere in Seef but preferably walking distance to the mall or in close proximity to Block 428 (which is where my workplace is)

-I'm 26, Female, Single


-Marketing Professional


-I don't usually bring in guests to my apartment unless it's a friend or relative visiting from overseas - on the rare occasion that they do, for sure they will only come to see me and not sleepover.

-I sometimes cook on my non-work days & it's usually just pasta or chicken. Nothing too crazy that will stink the place lol

-I hate it when people touch my stuff so you can be assured I won't go anywhere near your valuables. Plus, I'm really cool. Who knows? We might just be friends :)

Feel free to e-mail me! Looking forward!