Ease all your discomforts with Manual Therapy

Manual therapy improves the functioning of your body while easing some discomfort and healing at the same time. Physical therapists perform manual therapy with their hands, the treatment helps in reducing swelling, decreasing restriction, mobilizing joints, and increasing your range of motion.

Whether its injury, illness, or surgical procedure, Back to Work Physical Therapy is here to take care of all your problems. Our therapies may include Manual traction, Massage, Manipulation, Lymphatic drainage, and more. Our therapists here will treat you with the best methods such as Stretching exercises, Strength building moves for proper circulation of nutrients and improving flexibility, toning tendons, and ligaments that support your spine. We will help you achieve your recovery goals. Book an appointment today to get out of pain.

For more information, reach out to us at https://backtoworkpt.com or call us on - 813-253-3092