Cure Arthritis Pain with Manual Therapy

Four kinds of Arthritis can affect your joints such as Rheumatoid Arthritis can cause pain and swelling, osteoarthritis wears down the joints causing inflammation, Psoriatic arthritis is triggered by the immune system, and Gout a form of arthritis that affects the toes. Proper physical therapy can help to cure this pain.

Do you experience stiff and achy joints when you wake up in the morning? Then don't hesitate to visit The Performance Refinery. Physical Therapists here use the Graston Technique, a manual therapy that utilizes specialized ergonomic tools that massage the skin gently and improve mobility of the joints. It is a soft tissue mobilization method that breaks down scar tissues in skin, and muscles improving the functioning and healing of the pain. To book an appointment contact us today at our Del Mar center.

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