USD 51 / Offers You High Quality LED Yard Light

Secure your yard with LED Yard Lights from LEDMyplace and while securing, add beauty to your barn or yard. Highly energy efficient these LED security lights convert 95% of the electricity consumed into light wasting a mere 5% of the electricity which gets converted into heat. This efficiency results in a much lower wattage LED yard light replacing a much high wattage metal halide light. These LED barn lights also have a long operational life of 50,000 hours which means that these lights will last for a minimum of 50,000 hours. The USP of this product is that it has a photocell, which enables the light to function automatically without any human intervention.

Check out benefits of using LED yard light:

• Energy-Efficient
• Eco-Friendly
• Long-Lasting
• Dusk to Dawn Sensor
• Photocell sensor
• Beam angle

So, buy without hesitation LED yard light from LEDMyplace at very cheap price and enjoy to it. If you purchase over $99 and gets free shipping. In case any concern related to it, you may contact at: 815-697-5223

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