Heal faster after Abdomen Surgery with Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic Rehabilitation or pelvic therapy is used by experienced physical therapists to treat chronic pelvic pain, urine incontinence, Nocturia, Frequency or post-abdominal surgery. It helps you reduce or eliminate chronic pain treating effectively several conditions. Seeking a professional for pelvic floor rehab is essential when the pain increases and creates severe discomfort.

Are you suffering severe pain in the abdominal area or incontinence in the urine? Then visit the Therafit Physical Therapy & Fitness Center to solve your all problems. Our Physical therapists here will offer you Education, Personalized exercise program, Manual therapy, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Bladder training, and more. This method strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Also, we offer a wide range of therapies, techniques, and rehab services to heal patients suffering from headaches, back pain, sports injury, knee, and hip pain and more.

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