USD 54 / Buy 2X4 LED Panel Lights at Discounted Price

This holiday season gives your office a new life by installing high quality 2X4 LED Panel Lights from LEDMyplace. Highly long-lasting and eco-friendly, these panel lights help in the reduction of CO2 by consuming less of fossil-fuel-based electricity. These panel lights convert 95% of the electricity consumed and only 5% of the electricity is wasted as heat which is managed by the heat dissipation system of the fixture. LED panel lights are good for health, research has shown. These panel lights also have a high CRI which means that these render colors which are accurate in comparison to an ideal light source such as daylight.

Objectives of using this 2X4 LED Panel Light:

• Color-Temperature- 4000K to 6500K
• Cost-Efficient
• Rebate-eligible
• Dimmable
• 8200+ lumens output
• UL and DLC Listed
• ETL Listed
• 50,000 hours of life efficiency
• 5-years manufacturer warranty
• 30-days return policy

The price of this product is starting at $25.00/- only. To get more information about LED Modules, visit our official site.

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