Prepare and Pass AutoCAD®Certified Pro. Exam - Trainer is Autodesk® Certified Instructor

Become an AutoCAD certified professional. This training course helps you study for the Autodesk certification exam while you reinforce your CAD skills.

In this particular course, we're going to take you through all of the skills that you need to review and revise in order to take your AutoCAD Certified Professional examination

I'll walk through basic drawing skills, object manipulation techniques, and organization skills necessary to pass both certification exams. Plus, learn how to reuse content to be more efficient, annotate drawings, and set your AutoCAD designs up for printing.

Topics include:
•What is AutoCAD certification?
•Drawing shapes and lines
•Creating isometric drawings
•Modifying objects
•Creating and using arrays
•Working with polylines and splines
•Organizing objects and layers
•Reusing content with blocks
•Annotating drawings with text, dimensions, multileaders, and tables
•Creating layouts
•Setting printing and plotting options

Total Duration: 15 days
Duration of Each Session: 2 hours.
Training location : at your site in Jeddah
Timings : subject to be agreed upon.

To enroll, contact Engr. John
Autodesk® Certified Instructor (ACI)
Autodesk® Certified AutoCAD® Professional
Mob: +966 50 434 9 030