We trade on your behalf. 8% to 20% profit Monthly

Looking for one good investor to work with us for a long term. We trade stocks, indices and currencies and we know how to do it with promising less than 10% drawdown gauranteed.

Our rules are simple

1. Your money your choice
2. No need to transfer funds to anyone, keep your money safe.
3. Register account with any trusted broker and transfer funds in your own account.
4. Give us password to trade and leave rest upon us.
5. Profit sharing 50/50.

We will guide you how things work.

What is at risk?

Absolutely nothing. Your funds will remain in your account, either bank or broker account. If you feel any time that trade is not going well, you can change your password anytime and withdraw your funds.

Ideally we are looking for a partner with min 100k USD. But we are ready to give a test run to an account of 5k.
Invest big only if you are satisfied with the performance.
Why not to give it a try?

Feel free to call a meeting if available in Doha.

Any questions? Just write a message to us and we will clarify any doubts.

Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +97466266943