Buy Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide for Photocatalytic Reactions

From our existing range of nanotechnology based products, TiPE brings Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide for photocatalytic oxidation reaction. This is an additive for photocatalytic purpose inorganic system. The crystalline powder is optimized for UC Photocatalytic oxidization, each particle measure around 10 to 20 square nanometer to easily get diluted in the reaction. Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide has pH lies between 5 to 7 levels which is normally alkaline in nature. You can keep the powder at room temperature. The Superfine white crystals powders are less irritable to the skin and cause no infection. For any photocatalytic reaction, these nano particles are best additives. Order them in 10 to 25kg of packets from us.

We at TiPE, work on bringing the benefits of nanotechnology and photocatalytic reaction together for you. We have wide range of products for cleaning and disinfecting the building, solar panels and other things free from environmental pollutants. You can use them for residential purpose, large industries or government work. Have a look into our list of services for customers –

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