Android application development

Common mistakes that android app development company do
In the recent days, android app is like a boon to the business company. If you are technology lover, then you should definitely know about the common mistakes that many android app development companies do. It will be your added advantages if you know about the mistakes and it will help you to get quality services as you will find the fault immediately if the company will provide you poor quality android app development services.
Using intents is the major mistake
Most of the time, the android app development company use intent for message option. Generally, intents have been used as a thread of communication between content providers and receivers. The implementation of the intents in the android application can be used for the data transfer activity.
However, the major problem is that while the receiver gets the file, shared data, it looks like a very complex structure. It will become problem to understand the content actually sent. So, you need to check that the android app development company is not using intents and using the latest one for message, data transfer.
Avoid the usage of the bitmap
If you are not expert enough to handle all the unique features provided by the android app development company, then you need to avoid them. Using bitmap provided the company is another mistake. If you want to work on the messages, then you may ask the android app development company to provide you another feature for message.
Issue with the memory management
Memory management pays a vital role in the app development process for android. Though it is very complex in nature, therefore, most of the people like you find the issue with the management activity in their app. Therefore, you need to ask the android app development company to develop the techniques in memory management so that you will not face any issue with the memory leakage or lack of memory availability.
Compatibility issue with user interference
The major mistake that the android app development company do is they will not make your android app user friendly. Therefore, your android app found not responsive enough with the different devices and the biggest issue starts from here. So, you need to ask your android app development company to develop your android application in such a way that the layout of your android application can be responsive or flexible with all devices and different sizes. You should ask the android app development company to make your application tools based on the user experience, so you will not face any issue in the near future with the compatibility. Therefore, you should not forget about the same while you are going to any app development company