Electrical Engineer Available - extensive experience

With practical experience of many years in the field of Electrical Engineering (Power Distribution), and having worked with companies of the highest repute like Saudi Electricity Company (Saudi Arabia) and WAPDA (Pakistan), I have full confidence to perform the following activities in a professional and the most befitting manner:

• Electrical Distribution System Planning & Design
• Review of Design submittals by Consultants
• Distribution Network Construction
• Distribution Network Operation & Maintenance
• Customers Forecast
• Material Forecast
• Load Forecast
• Load Management & Conservation
• Planning & Budgeting (Capital)
• Planning & Budgeting (Maintenance &Operation)
• Development of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and achievements
• Technical Studies, Equipment/network failure studies, Technical line losses studies, & Pilot Projects
• Review of Standards and procedures
• Review of Technical Specifications & Scope of Work
• Technical Audits, Inspections & Investigations
• Maintain Highest standards of safety and security

CONTACT- 0500592160