USD 1000 / Outsource Offline Data Entry Services

Shri data entry services a well-known name amongst data entry services providers based in India. We are equipped with modern technologies to meet your offline data entry needs. We collect, extract and convert all sorts of the data into digitize format. For all the data processing and conversion process, we provide back-office work where our staffs use their skills and modern techniques to provide cost-effective and consistent quality service for all the times.
We offer following Offline data entry services,
• Excel Data Entry
• Card Data Entry
• Image Data Entry
• Insurance Claim Data Entry
• PDF Data Entry
• Vouchers Data Entry
• Handwritten Data Entry
• Hospitals Record Data Entry
• Yellow pages Data Entry
• Accident Reports Data Entry
• Indexing Data Entry
• Deeds Data Entry
• Mortgage Data entry
• Legals data entry
• Data Entry for Logistic Companies (Invoices, Techograph Analysis, Vehicle Part Details etc..)
• Catalog Data Entry
We provide customized solutions for our global clients where we deliver the project as per clients' need. We deliver it in different format such as Excel, Word, PDF, CRM, Salesforce or any other format suggested by our clients.

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