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Trends to be followed in 2019
Augmented reality and virtual reality
The theory of augmented reality is now becoming very popular among the customers. This technology provides the customers a better interactive experience. It is the best example of Mobile Application Development in India. Using the augmented technology, you can enjoy the real world environment.
 On the other hand, it enhances the level of user engagement.
 The implementation of the augmented technology and virtual technology can be used for social media campaign
 By using AR filters you can easily changes your face into digital character.
The demand of Chatbots is very high as it is a big part of on demand apps. So, the Mobile Application Development in India makes you enable for quick response to your customers. Thus, Chat bots helps you to meet the satisfaction level of the consumers.
Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence
The artificial intelligence has big influence in simplifying your services. So, the incorporation of artificial intelligence along with the machine learning can do the magic to your business. This kind of Mobile Application Development in India can help you to get real time analytics and important data.
Wearable apps
As there is a huge craze for trendy technologies, the wearable apps is the best to meet your demands. As per the records, the demand of wearable application is very high and it is also very cost effective.
Blockchain Technology
The blockchain technology is far behind the Cryptocurrencies. This advanced technology can make your economic transaction easy and the block-chain can be programmed to keep a track on your financial data. The block chain technology benefits the financial sector the most. Moreover, it makes you enable to conduct your transaction in a much more secured way. In this case, you do not need to be worry about the third party involvement.
Beacon technology
If you are familiar with the beacon technology, you know that it is not new in the Mobile application development in India. This type of technology generally has been used at airport. It mainly attracts the customers to your store and will send you constant notification to let you know. By using this technology, the customers can easily get the access to the information in hassle free manner.