al-Salaam alaykum

White, bearded, religious, and intellectual brother seeking a second wife in Saudi Arabia.

I am already married, my wife is with me. I want to add another one to the family.

HamdlilAllah, I have a good and permanent job to afford more than two families.

I am based in Jeddah and will soon move to live in Makkah in sha Allah.

I am looking for a sister between 20 and 37 years, able to give children, kind and generous, beautiful, and intelligent. Her past and status does not bother me if she changed now.

A sister who is Muslim or interested in Islam, and willin to practice better her deen after marriage.

Also someone who is able to please her husband and give him back his generosity and kindness.

I am quite easygoing, open-minded, understanding, and fun.

If interested, please send your basic information, or basic information of your daughter or sister.

Do not ask me to send you my pictures first, send yours and I will decide whether to continue or not.

Jazaakum Allahu Kheiran