HVAC Deputy Manager Tendering / Bidding & Estimator

Dear Job Seekers,

We are one of the Leading Company looking for the below profile to match our requirements.
Please note shortlisted candidates will be placed directly on demo to see what they exactly claim is true.

Our requirements:

1- Have Extensive Deep hands-on experience in Industrial HVAC with good knowledge of all installation, maintenance, repair of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning units along with associated air handling units, chilled water distribution, and environmental control systems.

2- Should be well-versed in planning individual jobs, long-term work operations, developing preventive maintenance programs and controls the quality of repair works.

3- Have Past at least 5 Years of Experience in the Facility Management System on Industrial and Commercial HVAC Systems.

4- Having very Good and Sound Knowledge of Bidding / Tendering and Estimation on Industrial and Commercial HVAC Systems on LSTK and operation and maintenance and facility management projects to bid in ARAMCO, SABIC, SEC. petrochemical plants, utilities and other Commercial and residential etc...

5- Should have extensive knowledge of ARAMCO, SABIC, SEC. petrochemical plants, utilities, etc... Standards.

6-Candidates with at least 10+ years of experience in Tendering / Bidding & Estimation on LSTK Projects, Operation & Maintenance Projects, and Facility Management Systems Projects.

7- Family Status: Applicable

8- Please Indicate Package Expectation -- SAR--------?

9- Expected Joining : __________

10 IQAMA Transferrable / Need new VISA

If you qualify for the above skills please drop us an email on :

[email protected]