Field Coordinator

>>Schedule Work
Creating and managing work/ shift schedules for the staff and drive is a core responsibility for field coordinators and may include organizing routes for individual field visits or scheduling long-term.
>>Perform Inspections (Grooming)
Prior to the start of work, field coordinators may visit project sites to verify the work to be performed. Once work has commenced, they sometimes remain at the job site or frequently visit to ensure sufficient staffing levels, on-time and the overall quality and performance of work.
>>Manage Staffing
Working with dispatchers or directly with suppliers, field coordinators are responsible for the timely delivery. This includes verifying supply orders,sudden back out and specifications.
>>Providing Initial Documents:
Field coordinators are responsible for the timely providing the actual report to the back office to make sure and turn them into the official documents that include but not limited to attendance sheets, schedules and incident reports.