Unicom ERP Cloud ERP Solution.Complete Business Management Solution.Online VAT enabled.

Unicom ERP is a Bilingual, plug & play ERP product for the growing organization. With many years of cumulative experience in IT & ERP and having done consultancy and implementation service with some of the major ERP solutions for various national and international institutions. We understand better than most how different each business is and how ill-equipped today’s big, complicated, market dominant solutions are for the SMEs

Unicom ERP Product:

1. Unicom Retail Management.
2. Unicom Pharmacy Management.
3. Unicom Project Management.
4. Unicom Logistics Management.
5. Unicom Human Resources Management.
6. Unicom Finance, Purchase, Sales, Inventory and Warehouse Management.
7. Unicom Fixed Assets Management.
8. Unicom Loyalty Program.
9. Unicom POS Integration, CRM.
10. Unicom Real Estate Management.
11. Unicom Resturant Management. Booking Management.
12. Unicom Business Intelligence.

Features and Functionalities:

• Bilingual (English and Arabic)
• Optimized for the needs of small and medium-sized wholesalers and distributors
• With extensive reporting and Business Intelligence tools
• Delivered as a native web-architected solution that’s accessible from a standard web browser
• Cloud and On-Premises
• E-Commerce and E-Invoicing
• UNICOM ERP can be easily integrated with Printers, Attendance machines, Face Recognition Devices, Fingerprint scanner, Barcode Scanners, Barcode Printers, etc.
• Integration with 3rd party payroll – allow for employee management and compensation
• Multiple levels of security – protect sensitive accounting information while allowing access to appropriate material
• Complete audit trail – allows full transparency in recreating any transaction
• Fully compliant with Saudi Law. Financial statements – satisfy financial reporting requirements
• Operates a single location or you have multiple warehouses, Unicom ERP helps you manage, analyze, and optimize your businesses.
• Fully integrated, end-to-end solution for various Industries. Accessible on Mobile Android and IOS devices.
• Unicom ERP is the easiest to learn. Go-Live in months and not years.
• Multi-Currency, Multi Projects, Multi Division, Multi Segments.
• Fully Advance DashBoard which provides Convenience & Accurate glance of your data, where you can summarize and visualize reports (charts), monitor current financial, operational, organizational information, and analyze real-time trends and KPIs.

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