Exporter of Various Foods Spice Mix, Sauce, Pickles etc

Exporter of Halal food industries began its operation in 1996 as a spice processing company, later diversified into various food products such as

Spice Mixes, Sauces, Pickes, Cooking Pastes, Dessert Mixes, Fried Onions, Deydrated Vegitable etc.

The competence of our team focuson your needd. Our company seeks to serve Importers, Distributers, Buying House, Agents, Food Service Chains &

Enthusiasts by providing the highest quality products at the most competative prices. Our passion is to keep developing new products contemporary

to the changing lifestyle from time to time consumers.

We have also expand our operation in exporting other products such as: Arabian Perfume, Scent Beard Oil, Clothing etc.