Our Bookkeeping Services include the following:
• Establish / Design a complete accounting system in the absence of an accounting system for the company.
• Accounts Payable and Receivable
• Recording of all Business Transactions
• Periodic control of fixed assets accounts
• General Ledger Maintenance & Reconciliation
• Inventory Valuation and Management
• Monthly Performance & Analysis Reports
You can e-mail, courier, or even mail the documents to us and our accountants will work from our offices. Electronic collection is by far the easiest, fastest, and most economical method;
We charge a minimal monthly fee for our bookkeeping services that guarantees a significant price reduction for your investment, because of:
• Best competitive monthly price;
• Avoidance of a full time accountant’s salary;
• No visa costs;
• No vacation leaves, meaning a full 12 months of service;
• No pay raises;
• No air flight tickets;
• No gratuities;
• No overtime;
• No training costs;

ATC is the one of accredited TAX AGENT in the Kingdom of Bahrain. ATC will take your hand in a simplified journey for VAT registration & filing in accordance with VAT Laws in KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN.
ATC has a strategic partnership with best and most experienced VAT experts in KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN.
Requisites in VAT Calculation and VAT Accounting System
• Explain the VAT requirements to the Business owners and accounting staff
• Guide the clients on what necessary information / documentations are required for VAT filing.
• Ensure that receivable and payable invoices are in compliance with VAT guidelines/
• Review VAT ratio calculations
• Review filing reports and necessary documents.
• Setting reminders for periodic filing for the clients.
• Follow up with clients to ensure related VAT payments are processed on time to avoid any violations.
• Support the clients in setup of their systems to comply with VAT regulations.
• Provide expert’s support in case of violations
Managing the VAT transaction process:
• VAT team leader
• Accounting systems
The present accounting systems will be scrutinized. Proper classification/ grouping with appropriate chart of accounts suitable for VAT regime will be suggested. Necessary guidelines will be given to the accounts team for preparing the Declaration VAT return to the National Bureau for Revenue (NBR).
• Invoicing under VAT
• Filing of Return VAT Return
• Reconciling Violations
• Special VAT requirements