Having 7+ diversefied experience in oil and gas projects
• Assisted in conducting market research to obtain appropriate data to constantly improve the company’s after-sales service delivery.
• Actively contributed to the support of growing the business and achieving targets and strategic objectives.
• Maintained and developed existing and new customers through planned individual account support.
• Provided customer support and delivered after-sales service in line with API Standards.
• Analyzed level of customer satisfaction and took suitable measures to attain maximum satisfaction levels.
• Developed key elements of proposals for end-users up to contract level.
• Liaised and attended meetings with other company functions necessary to perform duties and aid business and organizational development.
• Organized and participated in training seminars for industry leading oil & gas and heavy machinery manufacturers.
• Conducted and developed an analytical overview of the division’s wholesale re-entry into market with new positioning.
Customer support for pre-sales technical and financial proposals, including developing pre-sales technical and financial documentation (oil & gas) sector.
Conversion of customer requests into technical specifications. Preparation of system descriptions and functional diagrams.
Communication with internal and external developers of products and systems.
Responsible for defining and/or designing technical requirements and recommending appropriate technical solution that support the achievement of sales goals.
Providing input for planning and preparation of system bids & proposals.
Developing, customizing and delivering high impact solution or product presentations.
Travel to customer location for meetings, solution presentation etc.
(Drilling Engineer)
Preparing well data sheets
Designing and selecting well-head equipment(sysdrill)
Drawing up drilling programmers, taking account of desired production flow rates(paradigm)
Obtaining relevant data, carrying out engineering analysis on site and recommending necessary actions and writing up reports
Monitoring the daily progress of well operations
Keeping track of current daily costs, comparing actual costs with expenditure proposals and recommending cost-effective changes
Liaising with specialist contractors and suppliers, such as cement companies or suppliers of drilling fluids
Monitoring safety and ensuring the good maintenance of the well
Adhering to environmental protection standards, in some cases through direct discussion with local governments to ensure compliance with legislative requirements
Establishing and administering drilling and service contracts
Coordinating and supervising the work of the drilling team
Undertaking engineering design and the planning of wells (including development work)
Designing directional well paths (horizontally or multi-laterally, as appropriate)
Managing operations on behalf of small clients
Contributing to conceptual field development design
Working with multidisciplinary professionals to evaluate the commercial viability of the well and monitor progress during drilling
Returning the site to its natural environmental setting if drilling is not to be pursued.
As a Solids Control Engineer
Adhering to the organization QHSE policies and procedures as required.
Operates all equipment as per clients best practices i.e. Start up/ shutdown procedures, commissioning procedures, SOPs, etc.
Rig-up and Rig-down and equipment.
Arrange for supply of consumables.
Perform quality and operational checks on equipment.
Liaise with Company Man and Drilling Contractor as per the work scope.
Complete any and all tasks assigned by Supervisor.