Instrumentation Engineer 8+ Yrs Exp

To obtain a rewarding position that would utilize my skills and to secure a challenging position where I can effectively contribute my skills, learn innovative ideas to gain knowledge in a work-oriented environment.

 About 8 years of experience as an Instrumentation Engineer in detail of Calibration, Maintenance, Testing, Procurement and Sale of Process Instrument.
 Calibration of Process Instruments such as Pressure transmitter, Pressure Gauge, Temperature Transmitter, Temperature Gauge, Flow Transmitter, and Flow Meters.
 Calibration of Safety Relief Valves.
 Installation and Loop Check of Field Instruments such as Pressure Transmitter, Level Transmitter.
 Successfully implemented and documented ISO 17025 Quality Management System.
 Technical support for the Instrumentation Team.
 Experienced in Process and Field Instrument procurement activities.

Please feel free to contact me at
e-mail: [email protected],
Mobile # 00966556427328