Software Engineering Course by Lighthouse Digital

A Learning Adventure Each Day
5 Days a Week.
Monday Through Friday

Each day is designed to inspire you to learn and grow with experience. Below is an overview of the activities that you’ll experience throughout the day.

Lectures and Labs
Coding Challenges
Call with Mentor
Project TIme
Career Coaching
Career Support

Learn how to ace your next job interview or presentation. Get the professional development tools you need to propel your career with our expert-led elevator pitch.

Portfolio and Resume:
Our career experts will help you refine your resume and portfolio to keep you competitive in the industry. With our partners, we’ll make sure you get the experience and work you need to showcase your skills.

Technical Interviews and Challenges:
We’ll help you prepare for both technical and behavioural interviews and interview challenges. From problem-solving exercises to workshops, we’ll make sure you’re equipped.

How To Apply:
Submit Interest Application
Tell us about yourself and your goals for your career so we can get an idea of where you’re looking to move towards.

Application Reviewed:
Once you submit your application, our student advisors will review it and reach out to you on the next steps.

Meet with Student Advisor:
After initial review, you’ll meet face-to-face with one of our student advisors to go over your application, discuss in detail, and answer any extra questions you may have about enrollment.

Enroll in Course:
If the program is a good fit for you, the student advisor will provide you with the necessary paperwork to get you enrolled so you can start the path towards your future.

Mentors For Success:
We believe that real-world mentors play a critical role in everyone’s success. At Lighthouse, we are committed to the success of our students even after they leave us. So we offer a unique “Mentors for Success” program for all students who complete the Immersive Program.