1. I have order in hand for 1x20ft load Interior Products. 2nd order also coming up.
2. Production lead time 3 months
3. Shipment and remittance in a month
4. Investment locking period 4 to 5 months (for safer side)
5. Order approx production cost Rs40 lakhs
6. Investment required Min 5 lakhs to max 20 lakhs per order.
7. 40% profit share on gross profit proportionately divided on the investment.
8. Preferred only indians and Indians living abroad, people from other countries also welcome if they have their presence in India
9. No fixed returns, only halal income.
10. Returns are in good margin.
11. If u invest Indian rupees 5 lakhs approx average return will be around indian rupees 1.25 to 1.50 lakhs. May be more.

Interested person pls call on 9551829928 or WhatsApp +966562546119.
Note: Planning to open a branch in Khobar for my products near future.