PURITY:Delivered at 23+ Carats (as per Certificate of Analysis at Origin)
FINENESS: Delivered at 97% or Better (as per Certificate of Analysis at Origin) FINAL ASSAY: The final
Assay is based on the 24Karats 99.95%Purity.
ORIGIN: All West Africa To Buyer Designated Refinery.
MONTHLY QUANTITY: 350KGs to Buyer Designated Airport
PRICE: The Commodity Price is $40,000 Per Kilo Minus $2,000 Per Kilo to Seller / Buyer Brokers.
PAYMENT: TT based upon the final Assay Report at BuyerCountry Refinery via Wire Transfer or
SwiftMT103 base on 24Karats 99.95% Purity.
COMMISSION: $2,000 Per Kilo shall be paid to Buyer Side $1,000.00 and Seller Side $1,000.00.
PAYMENT GUARANTEE: Buyer Bank shall place Bank Guarantee (SBLC) Via MT760, Seller Bank Place
5%PB Performance Bond before Airlifting the Gold to Buyer Country.