Mathematics Teacher ,Tutoring Online For IG, SAT and IB Systems Call 002 01068140456

My name is Mohamed Fayez , I am an Mechanical Engineer. I graduated from Helwan University in Cairo in 2015.
After that, I acquired my Education Diploma in 2016 to Teach in international schools in Cairo ,

I have been tutoring mathematics for more than 5 years.

I have two-years experience in #ONLINE tutoring in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and England and Egypt For Sure ..

I have taught different ages, nationalities and different educational systems (SAT, IGCSE, IB, and undergraduate Engineer courses).

I would be delighted if chose to Help you ....

I always try to provide my students with a good learning experience that is why I use several visual and online aids that help my student interact during the session.
I am very patient and I use different ways to deliver the concepts in a way that would catch my student's interest in the subject.

#My areas of expertise include:

Pre Algebra
Algebra 1 and 2
Calculus 1 and 2

PSAT/ SAT ( 1 And 2 ) / ACT

Pre-IG - IGCSE( O.L and A.L )

College Entrance Exam Prep
and more.

### My strategy in teaching :

1. Chapter Wise Teaching
2. Every Chapter Explained Properly
3. Worksheets Provided Chapter wise
4. Weekly Test and Assignments .
5. Monthly Report should be Sent to Parents...

wish everyone the best of luck with their studies.

My Phone NO.
002 01068140456