“Bhodhana” is a leading SAP Online Training Provider located in Telangana, INDIA has the best Trained and Experienced Consultants on place and having more than 15 years of experience and providing training on SAP ENTERPRISE PORTAL 7.5 for Students who are pursuing Degree or Engineering Courses.

SAP is the world’s largest and leading ERP Software Product Company and is headquartered in Waldorf, Germany. It has a market share of over 65% in the Enterprise Application Software Business and is used in more than 180 countries and used in more than 30 industries vertical.

SAP ERP Skills will give the students an opportunity to be employed as SAP Global Certified Consultants in over more than 1600+ Partners in India and include Accenture, TCS, Infosys, Deloitte, IBM, Capgemini, PWC, HCL, etc.

Since many large companies use SAP Technology, there is always lookout for candidates who are trained and certified in SAP and there is always scarcity of SAP Skilled Resources in the market.

Some of the topics that will be covered in the training include – Portal Content, System Configuration, Single Sign-on with backend Systems, Secure System Operation, Architecture and function of the UME, Authorization concept of AS Java and SAP Enterprise Portal, Architecture of AS ABAP, AS Java and the building blocks of SAP EP, Screen Elements, Monitoring Infrastructure of AS Java, Knowledge management architecture and the basic functions of Content Management, SAP Software Portfolio, Starting and Stopping SAP Systems, Application Life Cycle Management, Software Development Concepts etc.

We offer the best quality, affordable SAP Training on ENTERPRISE PORTAL 7.5 Module which will help to kick start their flying careers in the SAP world.

The training process is very simple. The candidates can sit at their home in front of the PC or a laptop and attend for the training sessions and can save lot of time in travelling or relocation during the training.

The mode of training is quite simple. We use Webex/Gotomeeting for providing online training.

Training duration is 11 months training and after the training, the student(s) will be appearing for SAP Global Certification Online remotely.

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