If you are planning to start your business With a Reliable Bahraini Sponsor
- Cafeteria - ladies tailoring
- laundry - cold-store
- Upholstery - Restaurant
- stationary - Fruit & vegetables shop
- Gift shop - Garage & Car Service
- Travel Agency - Man Power
or any ACTIVITY which is in your plan so feel free to contact .
I can get you the C.R.& you can run your business
totally independently !!!!!!!!
and with full peace of mind.

I will be silent partner for any C.R. you choose and
expecting a monthly sponsorship fee paid to me .

For Detail Contact:32 103 103 (Bu Ali)

Document Clearance

Our Services…
+Company Formation
+Address for new CR
+CR Registration
+CR Renewal
+CR Address Changing
+Clearing CR Offences
+Individual Establishment
+Single Person Company (S.P.C)
+With Limited Liability Company (W.L.L)
+Adding / Removing Business Partner
+LMRA Work
+Immigration RP Cancellation & Extension
+Ministry of Labor
+Ministry of Health
+Gosi Payments
+Gosi Offence Clearance

+New CPR
+Update CPR Position / Sponsor & etc.
+Replacement for Lost CPR
+CPR For Flexi

+Payments For Traffic Violation
+Car Registration services
+Traffic Ownership Change Services

For Detail Contact 32 103 103 (Bu Ali)