Assalmalikoom Dear brothers & sisters Basera trader offering All ration package with & good quality low price If any one want to distribute to needy people home ration & sheer korma package for Eid ul fitir We offering 1) Roasted Sevaiyan 1/2kg (2) Good life milk 1ltr (3) sugar 1kg (4)s.khajoor50grm (5)kaju,50grm (6) Badam50grm (7) kishmish50grm (8) chironji25grm
(9) tarbooz50grm (10) Ghee200grm (11) kharbooz50grm only (320 rupees)

Note - More than 20 package we can delivery to door step or if u want distribute to needy people we can and send phots
Kindly contact -7780686541,9502288010