We hope you and your entire family are safe and healthy. And we pray for the protection and wellbeing always.

Due to the current pandemic COID19, it is required to be protected not only ourselves, but the whole environment, And we are committed to provide such necessary products to apply and be safe in your daily life.

Disinfection & Sanitizing Machines Protection from COVID19

1. Manual Disinfectant Sprayer:
Indoor sanitizing and disinfection sprayer, for Offices, Shops, Residential buildings, Colleges, Schools, Hospitals, Gas Stations, Transport and school buses, and other places.

2. Sanitizing Disinfection Tunnel Sprayer:
Special Cabin equipped with spray nozzles with mild pressure, to sanitize and protect from infection a human body.
To be kept at the entrance of Airports, Railway Stations, Buss Stations, Construction site, Shopping Mall, Parks, Educational Institution, Banks, Residential compounds, Swimming Pool, Commercial sites, Industrial and others.

3. Outdoor (Walk behind), Vehicles Type, Street Sanitizing Disinfection Sprayer:
Commercial Vehicle, Auto Trolly, Mobile Cart type, walk behind, Man operated machine, To be Sanitized and disinfect the Streets, Parks, Residential Compounds, Exhibition, Warehouse, Hyper Markets, and other public places.

* Made in Turkey
* 1-year Warranty on (damage parts if any) manufacturing defect.
* Installation is not our scope.
* Delivery period subject the stock availability.
* Special discount for Government Organizations, N.G.O's , Health Institutions, Educational and Municipalities orders.
* Chemicals used are subject to the approval of local authorities, and not harmful to the humans.
* Price will be based on the quantities and mode of payments.
* Special discount for Resellers/ Educational Institutes / Government Dept./ Hotels/ Commercial center.

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Hyderabad, Wholesale Products, Sanitizing and Disinfection EquipmentHyderabad, Wholesale Products, Sanitizing and Disinfection Equipment