Female ESL teacher, Only for saudi Nationals, Online classes

Online IELTS course, English skills improvement courses according to you pace and at your home, according to your time, all the books, notes, videos, tests provided by the teacher to you online.

Qualified English language teacher, TEFL certified with 6 years of teaching experience offering IELTS courses and improvement of your English. I offer classes to kids, Females and male Saudi Students, I have a great experience teaching Saudi National students, I had been tutoring The Royals, Al Kanhals, Al Tuwaijiries, Al Basheers.
The course contents:

• Cover all parts of the exam and be given strategies, techniques and advice on how to achieve the score you need
• Complete a full practice test under exam conditions and get individual feedback from your teacher
• Study each part of the exam and have regular tests to see your progress
• Practice speaking using a wide range of language used in the exam
• Develop your writing skills and learn how to analyze data and texts to help you write more accurately
• Listen to different talks, lectures, programmes and conversations
• Read a wide range of academic and exam style texts such as reports and academic articles
• Increase your grammar and vocabulary range to help you improve your score.

Please feel free to contact me: On whatsapp 0555196597