AED 100 / Plastic Bag Manufacturers In UAE

About Us
Super Plast is a pioneer in the manufacturing and exporting the full suite of Oxo Bio Degradable and Virgin Plastic Bags. Our products target the high-end buyers of all categories. We concentrating more in to the manufacturing of Garbage Bags, 100% Virgin Oxo Bio Degradable Bags (HDPE & LDPE), Carry Bags, Banana Cut Bags etc. All of our plastic bags are custom made to meet the precise needs and usage of our customers. Here is how Super Plast can help you get the right size, right microns and right quality plastic bags at unimaginable prices.

Our capability as a market leader in the plastic bag arena stems from our years of rich experience in plastic bag businesses. Setting our foot in all the range of plastic bags, Super Plast have been able to demonstrate our superior abilities by offering a wide range of technically advanced plastic bags products for highly challenging needs of our customer.

Manufacturing for client specific requirements is our principal activity. We target high-end buyers across all geographies and focus on a quality of our products. Combining our proficient knowledge of the industry, highly accomplished manpower, state-of-the-art technology, machineries and equipments and a professional working model, we are able to surpass the best of our client expectations.

Through an efficient system, we capture the emerging trends of the various client markets and thus help our clients with futuristic solutions. Our strong visibility in the local and international market is a definite advantage for firms seeking our services. By implementing industry’s best practices in raw materials sourcing our wide range of raw materials suppliers like Borouge, NCT Middle East, Sabic, Muntajat and Rakha Al Khaleej, resource building and updating the technology, we are able to deliver huge volume of plastic bags in time for any requirements at highly competitive prices.

Super Plast is going green by fulfilling the Corporate Social Responsibility in protecting the nature, and extremely well in the manufacturing of Oxo-biodegradable environment friendly plastic bags. Our expertise lies in the ability of technically understand the exact requirement of the client & delivers a satisfactory end product of the most economic manner.

Quality policy

Our accomplished team with a versatile range of experience caters to strengthening our client relations. We offer expert consultation to our customer with regard to the choice of plastic bags, designs, colours and microns. Our team also gathers customer inputs and updates us with time-bound information in real time enabling us to update our products. Super Plast follow quality standards in order to provide high quality item and service to our valued customer in UAE market and other regions in GCC. Our quality standards are set to develop a high standard for our products and to ensure timely delivery as per the client requirements.

We work with a prime focus on quality than quantity. Our team follows and implements AQL systems for all our finished goods. In addition, we have also implemented enhanced closed loop control systems in our manufacturing lines in order to ensure quality manufacturing process during every step and to minimize rework and repair.


Through our sustained effort in the plastic bags manufacturing, we wish:

To become the top industry player and lead the global trend with our surpassing products range.
To dissolve the global barriers to style and evolve a universal sizes with our innovation and insight into. customer’s needs
To effectively meet the evolving needs and tastes of top notch customers across geographies in real time

By investing on the latest machines and technology we wish to deliver futuristic quality plastic bags to our customers worldwide. We are up-to date with the market needs. we know what our customers need; and we have the capabilities and technology to fulfil our local and international demands. Thus we stand apart from the other players by delivering quality products that our customers in UAE and Global customers.

Uncompromising commitment to quality
Delivering customer-centric products
Assuring best value for money
Ensuring compliance with industry norms
Striving for customer satisfaction

Our prestigious client base spans across geographies of UAE and other GCC. We would be happy to associate you for a lasting and mutually beneficial business relationship. Partnering you with our plastic bag manufacturing company directly can help your firm with unmatched price, growth prospects and we eagerly look forward to grow together by serving your needs with high quality and unmatched price when compared with our competitors.
Abu Dhabi, Appliances, AED 100 / Plastic Bag Manufacturers In UAEAbu Dhabi, Appliances, AED 100 / Plastic Bag Manufacturers In UAEAbu Dhabi, Appliances, AED 100 / Plastic Bag Manufacturers In UAE