LOOKING for Investor or Partnership in Realestate Condo Investment

I'm LOOKING for Investor or Partnership who have the capacity to finance getting ready for occupancy condo unit/s in any of the following areas in Philippines:

- Baguio City
- Palawan

The business proposal is to use the unit/s as commercial (transient) to generate income in just short period of time targeting tourists to be our guests.

I will be your host in-charge to look for potential guest, book their schedule date to be paid direct to your account. Sharing would be 40/60.

Your role is in financing and providing unit/s that will generate. Mine is in management.

The three (3) I have stated have the potential to generate income return as fast as what you will be expecting. I am realestate agents so I know what am capable of.

I am reputable so I also need legit investor or partner in this project proposal.

Realestate would be your safest investment whether there is pandemic like what we are facing worldwide or none. And Philippines is one of the best country to put your investment as foreigner or expats.

This offer is only for you and you and you whether you are business minded or not but willing to put offshore investment.

Talk to me if this catch your interest. Let's work this out together so we ensure earning from it.