Junior Financial Consultant

MDH Premier Enterprise is an agency under CWA - a wealth management and product distribution arm of CIMB-Principal Asset Management Bhd. CWA helps to Create, Protect, and Preserve wealth via a multi-product platform that integrates the distribution of unit trust funds together with protection plans, trust nomination and estate planning solutions.


- Create long term financial goals for the client
- Develop financial plans for the client
- Monitor financial health of clients
- Create different investment plans for clients
- Prepare financial analysis and reports
- Keep up to date on the latest market trends and information
- Develop a tax strategy for clients
- Advise clients on capital investments


- Bachelor's degree in finance or accounting
- Incredible math skills
- Ability to connect with clients
- Excellent attention to detail
- Incredible analytical and problem solving abilities
- Ability to accurately predict market trends
- Deep knowledge of the financial industry and regulations
- Deep knowledge of investing
- Ability to analyze a client's financial situation

Take Note :

1. This position opens only for Malaysian citizens because we do not provide any visa for non local workers.
2. Income from RM2000 to unlimited income ( commission based salary )
3. Flexible working hours